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Why you should invest in a Vape Bright Starter Kit

The Vape Bright starter kit is perhaps the flagship product in the company’s range. The brand has set its sights on taking cannabidiol (CBD) vaping to the next level. Not only have they come up with an effective and efficient device, but they have also developed their own pure, organic CBD oil to put in the cartridges.

In this post, we’ll look at why you should invest in a CBD oil vape pen starter kit from Vape Bright. And we’ll go more into detail about Vape Bright’s revolutionary CBD oil, and how it could benefit you.

Save money

Starter Kits are very handy for anybody who is just beginning their CBD or vaping journey. When first starting out, it’s likely that you won’t be up to speed with all the jargon and different bits of equipment. The worst thing you can do is go on a buying spree and end up with lots of products that you don’t need.

Instead, when you buy a starter kit, you’re getting all the kit that you need at a great low price. The accessories that you must have are included, but you won’t be sold anything that you don’t require. This not only keeps your costs down, but makes for a seamless vaping experience.

With the Vape Bright Starter Kit, you’ll receive a battery and a Thrive Cartridge of your choice. These will contain either 200 or 250mg of great tasting CBD oil, which is ready to vape. The kit also comes with a USB charger and carrying case.

Device designed for your convenience

Vaping CBD is a great way to get the cannabinoid’s benefits. The quick relief provided is brilliant for managing symptoms of chronic conditions, and also illnesses which cause more intense discomfort. As many people vape CBD precisely because of the fast-acting effects, it’s vital that any equipment is easy to use, so that you can take a hit anytime, anywhere that vaping is permitted.

Vape Bright has recognized this, and designed a battery and cartridge that enhances your vaping. The Thrive Cartridge is easy to work, and you don’t even need to press a button. Just inhale and you are away! The Thrive delivers 1mg of CBD with each draw on the 200mg cartridge.

This standardized release of vapor promotes more accurate dosing with CBD vaping. With other e-liquids, finding the perfect dosage can be a bit of a guessing game. And it can be difficult to get exactly the same dose each time. The convenience the Thrive Cartridge brings is unmatched in the vaping scene, and sets it apart from competitors.

Furthermore, the Vape Bright’s charging feature is perfect for on-the-go users. The USB charger can be plugged in wherever you are, especially if you keep a portable charger with you. The battery is meant to provide 100 hits or more on a full charge, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll run out. But in the rare event that you do, Vape Bright has you covered. Even better, it takes just 30 minutes for the battery to be charged from empty.

Made with 100% pure CBD oil

Most CBD vape juices are made with a carrier oil. In most cases, these serve the purpose of creating more vapor and making the CBD e-liquid sweeter and more enjoyable. Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are popular carrier oils, and many companies use a combination of both.

However, neither of these actually enhance the quality of the CBD. For people who are hesitant about vaping in the first place, they are perhaps even less likely to do so when there are unnecessary ingredients. Vape Bright puts a high priority on health, and do not use any carrier liquids in their Thrive cartridges. A puff of Thrive delivers pure CBD oil with no PG, VG or anything else.

This results in an authentic CBD vapor, that has a natural, hemp flavor. Despite the absence of sweeteners, the vapor is great tasting, with pure CBD.

Vape Bright CBD is full-spectrum

Not everybody uses CBD for therapeutic reasons – some like it just because it helps to calm the down. However, those who do may be glad to know that the CBD contained in this starter kit is full-spectrum. This type of oil has more health benefits than a CBD-isolate product, because of the inclusion of other plant compounds. The additional cannabinoids and terpenes have individual benefits, and they are all more effective when combined.

One way that this can help is if you are using CBD for inflammation. Research on CBD and other cannabinoids has shown that these compounds have anti-inflammatory effects. The trace amounts of cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG) can help to further regulate the body’s immune system response.

Vape Bright Thrive products are legal throughout the United States. The THC concentration in their products is always less than 0.3% of the overall weight of the product. Moreover, the lab tests that have been conducted on the Thrive CBD oil have been published for free online.